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CF Express Type B Forsage series cards
128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2GB

SDXC UHS-II Forsage series cards
128GB / 256GB

SD Express 7.0 cards (Newly released)
256GB / 512GB

USB3.1 Gen.2 Type-C CF Express Type B Card Reader Smart Gear Cinematic CFX

USB3.1 Gen.2 Type-C CF Express Type B/XQD Card Reader Smart Gear Cinematic CXQD
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Why we are

ну, и, собственно, аудитория - профессиональные фотографы/операторы/монтажеры/блогеры - все, кто использует дорогую технику и кому требуются максималки по скоростям и объемам памяти. Упор на качество, надежность, профессионализм. Лидеры (легко узнаваемые бренды в профессиональной среде) в этом сегменте - Sandisk, Sony, Delkin, Lexar, Transcend

About us
Smart Gear offers a wide range of innovative digital products for demanding professionals in both life and work.
Thanks to the latest developments in the field of storing and transmitting information, now speeds previously available only for hi-end desktop computers have come to the segment of professional digital photo and video. We are lucky to witness the next round of technology evolution.

Fast data transfer (up to 1700MB/s) allows you to easily shoot, edit, copy and transfer huge amounts of footage without the need for long waiting times, minimizing the possibility of frame loss due to buffer overflows. Smart Gear Forsage series media is truly reliable way to forget about the problems leaving behind in the past and look with confidence into the modern and fast future of high-quality and convenient content management.
We, a team of Smart Gear professionals, offer the highest quality memory cards utilizing components from the world's leading manufacturers at the most competitive prices. We are delighted to welcome new users of our products and guarantee to provide an unrivaled level of service for all our storage devices.


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